Monday, August 23, 2010

My boys

Oh, how I love these faces. They keep a mommy busy, but they also make me smile. 

We picked the name Isaac because it means "he will laugh". That he does. So does every one around him. He is such a bundle of energy and joy. He looks so much like his daddy, but acts so much like his mommy. 

Asher is the sweetest most bull headed child I've ever met...after his Aunt Emily. He is so smart, so fun, so loving, so stubborn. He is a walking contradiction. One minute he is playing the next minute he is crying. He is so independent. I'm constantly amazed at how fast he learns and how much more he understands than what he is given credit for. He is my cuddler and my helper. And he is oh so cute. 

My sweet little man. Levi means harmony and this kid lives up to it. I love that he is so easy going. He has such a peaceful spirit. He loves to be held, but is content most times if he needs to play by himself. He is growing everyday. He is walking more and more. Scooting up and down stairs. He loves to dance. He loves to laugh and his contagious smile is almost always on his face. 

I love my boys.

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