Sunday, November 22, 2009

sounds like fun

So Isaac is starting to vocalize a lot more of his thoughts. It is really funny to hear. Yesterday Dan was browning some meat in a pan. I was nursing Levi. Isaac came into the living room to tattle on his dad.

Isaac: Mom, Daddy won't let me touch the handle of the pan...
Me: That's because it is hot. Daddy loves you and he doesn't want it to burn you, that would hurt.
Isaac: Well...that's ok. Hurt is only for a minute. Then things stop hurting. So if it hurts it will only be a minute. Hurt is ok.

Here I am thinking 1) How profound of a little guy. Then he adds.

So, I still want to touch the pan cuz it will only hurt for a minute and it sounds like fun.

2) Ok, you are just a boy, and for the rest of my life I will be trying to keep you from doing things that could hurt you, but you will try them anyway because, well, it sounds like fun.

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