Friday, November 20, 2009

A month of chaos

First off, here is an updated picture of my boys. Aren't they cute in their Purdue gear. I love them!

Ok, so I haven't been on in forever it feels like. When I last posted Isaac had just come down with a tummy issue. Well, the issue lasted over 3 weeks then turned into seeing a specialist and a whole slew of other things that made my life feel upside down. Combine that with the fact that Dan has been working crazy hours and you have a very flustered me. My house is not in good shape, my coupons are a train wreck, and I have just altogether been unorganized and all over the place.

So, now I'm back to life. We are pretty sure everything is ok with Isaac. Praise the Lord. Now, I need to get my house back in order and some organization back in the works. With all that is going on right now that could be a major thing. So, I'm trying not to get overwhelmed. I'm trying to take things one at a time.

We leave for FL on Monday to visit a few of our friends for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited. On the way down I hope to get my coupons clipped and sorted, Christmas cards ready, and spend some time with Dan talking about Christmas budget and upcoming financial goals. I love road trips because it gives me time to just talk to my hubby. I LOVE to talk to my hubby.

So, that is where I have been for a month. I hope I am back now...we'll see what happens.

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