Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little man

My little man is growing up. His sweet cuddles are getting a little harder to come by. Except at night. At bedtime he still wants to cuddle with mommy. I am fully aware that this is a stall tactic, but I don't care. He wants to snuggle and pray. How do I turn that down, seriously.

Last night he asked me to cuddle. I snuggled up with him under his covers. He still smelled like syrup from our breakfast for dinner. He smiled because he was pleased to have won mommy's full attention. Then he asked to pray.

"Dear God,
Thank you for this good day. Thank you for making me healthy. Thank you for all the people in the whole world who are healthy. Thank you for my good dinner (licks lips). Yum! Thank you for my good mommy and daddy. Thank you for my brothers and my sister and my house. And please let us go to Disney when we get lots of money. Amen."

Oh, the cuteness of his sweet prayer. I love when he prays. It reminds me to be thankful for all the small stuff that's really big. All the stuff that I just take for granted. I have four healthy kids. They have such a good daddy who loves me and takes wonderful care of us. We have plenty to eat. A safe warm home. All huge blessings I don't want to forget about. So, I'm so thankful my little man reminds me with each sweet prayer and sticky syrup face.

(this was a day he snuck in to the pack in play during naptime.)

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