Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Hair cut

 Oh this girl! I love her and all her adorable faces so so much. The other night one of our sweet friends, who is also a stylist, was gracious enough to come to our home and cut hair.
 She was able to straighten it so we could see length and what was dead ends. I snapped a few shots with her straight hair since it was a different look.

 Little girl did wonderful. She loves the attention, and she loves primping so it was a good combo for her.

 Doesn't she just look like a little doll baby! Oh, so much cuteness.
Now her hair is all healthy. We probably won't straighten it again for awhile because I am in love with her curls. I'm hoping that the freshening up will help her hair to keep growing. We are having lots of fun with learning to do her hair. It is so fun having a girl!

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