Monday, September 30, 2013

Making Applesauce

One of my friends made a trip to an orchard this weekend, and brought home a bushel and a half of apples.
Yoga pants are our Monday uniform. Don't mind the mess. We were making dinner and making applesauce. It gets a little rough looking for a bit, but it's better now.

We did lots of cutting and boiling.
We borrowed a Victorio Strainer from a friends. It made it so easy to strain the peels and cores from the applesauce. This thing was great.

We had several bowls like this and we just kept swapping them out.
Tami packaged while I churned. We make a good team. 
All the while the kids all watched a movie and messed up the living room. Don't worry, that is cleaned up too.

We ended up with 18 quarts. It ended up costing $0.58/quart. A quart of applesauce at the store is at least $2.00. I'd say that is a good night's work.

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