Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seven years ago I went into the hospital with a bag packed, a 5 page birth plan, and no idea what I was in for. I was joined by a nervous hubby, my best friend, and a huge belly. I went in at 8am on February 19 to be induced. It took forever. I remember watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". I was so hungry. I wasn't allowed to eat anything. So by about lunch time I was ready to order a pizza. My sweet man ditched me at about this point to go grab a bite with his parents. Not at the hospital cafeteria. Not at a quick drive through. NO they went to a steak house. And then they had the audacity to bring the leftovers to my room. So now I am hungry and I have to smell food. (Seven years later and I am apparently still holding on to some bitterness.)

The winter Olympics were on, and I couldn't have cared less. But there isn't a ton to watch at 3am. After a nap I woke up feeling like all those drugs they had given me were wearing off. (Yea, 5 page birth plan out the window.) Nurse came in and announced it was time. Doctor arrived. A few pushes later boom, there he was. My first born made his appearance on the scene. Looking just like his daddy and perfect in every way. I was in love.

 Now seven years later, and I am blessed everyday by this kid. He is such a joy. I love his passion for life. His excitement for all things. I love his craziness that is unending and sometimes exhausting. So much of who Isaac is has been the same since he was born.
 He still loves to be outside. He loves an adventure or a special trip.
 He is still a good helper. Being the oldest is a lot of responsibility. He does such a good job helping his momma out with picking up, taking care of the pets, and helping out when asked.
This boy has always loved to eat. The older he gets the bigger his appetite seems to be. He can easily out eat his mom at this point. Polishing off an entire adult meal when we go out is nothing for him. Look out grocery budget. He isn't getting any smaller or less hungry. 

 He still loves his friends. He loves making friends. He loves telling jokes. He loves making people laugh.
 He is still a total goof ball some times. He keeps us all entertained.
This has been a big year. Isaac started first grade. He is still playing soccer. He also started basketball. He is growing so fast. He is in size 8 already, but he is still so skinny it is hard finding clothes that fit well. He still loves animals. Our family got a new pet rat this year, and Isaac takes good care of her. He is such a fun dude. I am blessed to be his momma. 

Happy Birthday, Isaac. I love you!

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