Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am sitting in my  living room folding laundry.  There is always laundry. Today I was folding all the little athletic wear. Little soccer shorts, basketball shorts, practice shirts, under armor, shin guards, and soccer socks. I am realizing how fast it has gone. There isn't a single onesie in these baskets. I have tons of pair of little underwear, but no diapers. They are growing so fast. We are leaving the world of sesame street for the world of super heroes and video games. Each of my boys is in a sport. Each of them is growing up.  I am just amazed at how fast it is going. They warn you, but when you aren't sleeping through the night and you are up to your elbows in diapers you don't believe it will fly by. I guess I am thankful that I realize it now. While they are still excited about playing UNO with me. While there are still hot wheels cars, Avengers, and nerf guns consuming my house. I love this age. It is busy, and I don't get to sit much, but I love it. I love these little men who are my life. And I love the reminders in everyday to cherish this time. Well, back to the laundry.

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