Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer break

I haven't been blogging nearly as much lately. We have been busy enjoying summer break. I wanted to share a few pictures since I didn't have time to do full posts on all our happenings.

Memorial Day weekend our friend Melissa showed off her mad face painting skills. It was crazy hot and the paint was starting to melt, but we at least got a picture to document the fun.
 My Kindergarten graduate. He is so big and handsome.
Brotherly love.
 Mommy and Bubba
 Little man getting big
Being silly
 Isaac played upward soccer this year, and Daddy coached his team.
Staying hydrated
Me and my boys at my baby sister (in law)'s wedding.
 My brother in law, Tim and I
 Bible Bearer
Mommy and Little Man
 The happy couple cutting the cake.
We also got to meet my beautiful niece. Seriously. Prettiest. Baby. EVER. She is so sweet and I hate that we live so far away. I love, love, love her. It was great to see her parents, too.  :)
Bubba was using his skills with the ladies. He was the ring bearer and he was bound and determined to kiss the pretty little flower girl. :)
Some of our best friends came to visit. We had to get in our picture with all our kiddos. I love this group. I mean, seriously, I have gorgeous friends, and they have gorgeous kids. It was so fun to all be together again. 
Dan and I got the chance to go to camp for senior night this year. We love camp! We weren't able to go for the whole week, but we were able to hop down for senior night. I am so proud of this group. I love them all, and I am so excited to see what all God has for them. 
 We went to MI to visit family for the fourth of July. My Aunt and Uncle have a horse farm on the property my grandparents used to own. I love taking my boys to the farm. It is where I grew up going most weekends. They love seeing the animals.
 My uncle took the boys for a ride, let them help with the chickens, and see the baby calves. They loved it.
 My parents rented a lake cottage so there was lots of swimming. Isaac loved the water. He was in the lake most of the day each day.
 Bubba was a little more nervous of the water. He tried to find other ways to stay cool.
 Building sandcastles
 I babysat Miss Olivia when she was a newborn! Now she is playing with my kiddos.
 Levi with my mom
 They slept well after all the hard playing.
 Catching fish
They loved fishing. 

We've been going to parks. 
Spending time with friends.
Sleeping in and spending a full day in our PJs
We've gone to Cosi
 Had ice cream dates with the boys
We've gone to the drive in
We've caught fireflies
We've run through the sprinkler
We've had lots and lots of fun. 
I hope everyone is enjoying summer break. There is only a bit of it left. Have fun!

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