Monday, August 31, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

It was 7:15 this morning when my alarm a.k.a. Levi started screaming. After a relaxing 5 hours of sleep I knew I wasn't going back to bed. I fed the baby which I was half grateful for because for some reason I was abnormally full and a little sore.

By 7:45 I heard the pitter patter of a tiny stampede of toddlers coming down the hall, then down the stairs, then I heard a loud crash, then I knew for sure I wasn't going back to sleep. Next was my wonderful husband trying to escape from the toddlers who by this point realized Daddy was here and they didn't want him to get away. I tried to distract with cereal and a possible cuddle on the couch. Luckily today it worked with no major issues.

Isaac crawled up in my lap and snuggled me.
"I love you, Mommy." He tells me, and I realize that being a mom for is worth it for all the fuss for moments like this.
"Jesus gave you your boys, huh, Mom...He's a great guy." At this point I can't help but giggle at the description of our Lord and Savior as "a great guy", but out of the mouth of babe.

After this brief but adorable moment I move on to my to do list for the day. I have:
12 loads of laundry to process through.
lots of coupons to sort
A meal plan to make
A grocery list to make
Sheets to change
Phone calls to make
Clean the bathroom
Clean the refrigerator before going to the grocery

May parents are coming in Wed night to meet Levi and spend the weekend with us so I have a lot of cleaning to do to get ready. Also, I've started homeschooling Isaac for preschool so we take about 20 mins a day to work on his stuff. Tomorrow we have an open house for his Tuesday school which is essentially a free preschool on Tuesdays. I'm so excited for him. I have a phone date planned during nap time to talk to my dear friend Meghan. Maybe we will try to skpe with the kids because I miss seeing them. They are like my little neice and nephew and i love them and miss them now that they live in FL.

Well, laundry is ready to be switched and the boys just finished their cereal so there are dishes to do and diapers to change. So here we go with another Manic Monday.

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