Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cheap grocery week

This week was a fun week for grocery shopping. The nice thing was I really didn't NEED a whole lot so I could just look for good deals and a few fun things. First I decided to try Walgreen's. I used to do a lot of CVS, but I feel like their deals haven't been worth going in with three littles so I've skipped it for a few months. I have noticed Walgreen's seemed to have some good deals. I think I like it and will go back. Tonight I got 3 rolls of scotch tape, a 8x8 scrapbook page, and 2 packages of Tylenol for $1.41. Not a ton of stuff, but super cheap. Plus, they were things I actually need now.

Then I went to Kroger. They are running their Mega Event where you buy 10 items and get $5 off instantly. So I came home with:

4 cresant rolls(.50 each)
2 cinnamon rolls (.50 each)
3 packs of kids yogurt (My kids LOVE these Trix and Diego)
1 box Trix cereal (.50)
1 King size Reese's(free with coupon from this past sun paper)
box of Kashi cereal (free coupon from Vocal Point)
2 Breyer's ice cream (these were a great deal with coupon $1.65 each!)
2 gallons of milk ( this was the only thing I couldn't live without this week)
a tomato
some fresh green beans

total= $15.53
I saved 28.09 for a 64% savings

I am excited that at this point I am under budget for the month. We try to stay at $50 a week. Last week I went over a bit, but I have been under the other weeks so it made up for it. Plus, last week I bought Asher his birthday gift so that took $15 off the top...The good news is that his present is a little tikes baseball tee we have watched all summer and it finally went on clearance. I'm bummed because the golf set we wanted had been clearanced too, but it was gone... Oh, well.

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