Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If I had a million dollars

So what would you do if some one came up handed you a million dollars. Then said it is yours with no strings attached. What would you do with it?

I would tithe the first ten percent.
Then I would pay off our house, and buy our dream home. A house that would fit our family and have room for lots of guests. A house with a huge open gathering room so we could have lots of people over.
Then I would use what was left to help pay off our parents homes. If by some chance there was anything left I would take advantage of the economy and buy a few other houses. Why not.

I love dreaming about a dream house. The idea of being debt free is nice too. :) I want a house with enough rooms to house our kids. I love decorating kids rooms. I want a huge playroom. I want to have stations and a bulletin board. I want a welcoming home where everyone feels welcome and my kids love to come home to. I want to have people always in my home laughing and enjoying themselves. I want my home to be a haven; not just for my family, but for anyone who needs a safe place. That is my dream house.

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Cory, Beth, Izabella, & Tazer said...

What a nice post Abby!!

I'm so glad that I discovered your new blog. I have missed reading what is going on with you guys!