Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Target is my friend.

So the other day I was reading about the Glade candle deal at Target. If you buy $10 worth of Glade products you get a $5 gift card. Well, I had coupons and I am in love with the scented oil candles. They make me I tried it. And guess what! It worked. So I bought 4 refills that came to 6.85 after coupons. Then I was given a $5 GC. I used that to buy Asher some much needed socks (I swear the dryer eats them) and a pack of little debbies snacks (bribes to keep the toddlers in their seats.) My second order after gift card cost $2.98.
So I got:
4 Apple Cinnamon Scented oil refills
10 pairs of socks
1 box of snack cakes

Total OOP: 9.83

Not bad. I like saving money!

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