Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stay at home mom

I am a MOM. I am a taxi driver, laundry doer, house keeper, a cook, a child care provider, a teacher, a boo boo kisser, a friend, a disciplinarian, and a financial adviser. I am the giver of the baths, the maker of the lunch, the bedtime story reader. I need to have a clean house, well behaved children who are smart, attractive, and happy. Money is in my hands to pay bills, budget and save. I must plan our meals, grocery shop for the food, and have it on the table for my family. The food needs to be nutritious and inexpensive to fit in the above mentioned budget. I am keeper of the calendar. I must plan and scan that we are never overbooked or miss an obligation. If a birthday card is missed that falls on me. If we lose an invitation, it is my fault. I am responsible for making cookies and goodies to send in with my husband. Teaching my children their ABCs, shapes, colors, numbers, and how to behave. I am a believer in Christ Jesus and I am responsible for making sure my kids see a Godly example.

I was asked to other day if I ever was bored just being a stay at home mom... Don't I miss a career. The answer is no. I'm not bored. I do the world's toughest job. Trying to be super mom isn't easy, but it is all I've ever wanted. I'm not there yet, but I am working toward it.

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