Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Summer is upon us! I am so in love with summer. As my kids are getting older it just gets more fun. We have built up quite the list of summer traditions for our bucket list. I thought I would share some of our fave summer activities

 Family Summer Bucket List

Backyard fire with s’mores
Drive-In Movie
Dayton Dragons game
Go to the pool
Catch Lightning Bugs
Summer reading program at the Library
Trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s cottage
Swim at Mimi’s
Traveling playground
Go to the zoo
Play in the sprinkler
Plant flowers
Water gun war
Water balloon fight
Family game night
Half price shakes at Sonic
Wegerzyn Garden
Splash pad
Do Sparklers
Go for bike rides
Explore hiking trails
Have a lemonade stand
Help a friend
Science experiments
Paint, play dough, messy crafts
Make popsicles
Eat watermelon
Play in the rain
Make ice cream sundaes
Go on a road trip
Go to the farm
Go garage saling
Give away toys we don’t play with anymore
Do a puzzle
Make cookies for neighbors
Cow appreciation day at Chick Fil A
Sidewalk chalk
Go to the beach
Build a sand castle
Go to the museum
Explore our city
Watch fireworks
Play outside

 Our friends did a backyard drive in. It was so much fun! The kids made their own cars and we saw Big Hero 6.
 Finishing up our last week of school means we had to stop and grab ice cream.
 To kick off summer we went to the real drive in. We saw "Tomorrowland" and "McFarland USA". Both were great movies.
 This year the library theme is Super Heroes. We have loved going to Super Thursdays each week to play games, do science experiments, and make crafts. We love our library.
 We have hit up several of our local playgrounds with splash pads.
 Oh, and Sonic has half price shakes after 8. We have done that just a few times. :)
 Water guns and splash pads.
 We made it to the zoo. It was lots of fun. 

We have made quite a dent in our summer bucket list. I can't wait to cross off the rest of our list. I'm a little sad that summer is going so fast, but so glad we are enjoying it so much.

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