Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another year

Well, I have not been blogging much lately. With moving and working and generally running a house with four kids my computer time has been limited. However, we are back in the swing of school now. I think that means my computer time will probably be even more limited. I wanted to just do a quick update to what we are up to this school year.

First off this is our school room:

 I'm going to do my best to keep my desk this clean or cleaner this year. On the side wall is our command center. I love it! There is a place for most of my papers.
 When I start going through all of our books and supplies I realize we have SO MUCH STUFF! I guess when you need workbooks, teacher guides and supplies for four kiddos it adds up. I love IKEA as you can see. The shelving units make me giddy.
 This is our circle time corner. I plan to change out the artwork every few weeks to keep the kids paying attention. Our library book basket is one of the kids' favorite spots.
This is my version of the command center. I saw a few other ideas online. This has a lot of our school goodies, but the biggest thing it does is keep all this off my desk. We have our straws to count days of school, our incentive systems (points for work, coins for behavior), bills, note cards, supplies, grading folders, and more. I think it is going to be a great organization help this year.

The name of the game this year is keeping it simple. We are trimming down a lot of extra workbooks and focusing on hands on activities that cover multiple subjects at once in a way that is engaging and enjoyable to the kids. Our curriculum choices for this year include:

Reading: lots of library books, K12 literature, Honey for a child's heart, teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons
Writing- Handwriting without tears cursive, confessions of a homeschooler's ABC tracers
Math- Math U See (so far the kids are loving this)
History- Story of the world
Science- Apologia Botany
Bible- Who is God, Long Story Short

This year on the biggest two boys will be going to a local hybrid school once a week. They are so excited to do art and drama, as well as recess and lunch. I'm excited for a few hours with only my littles each week.
  We will be doing Tuesday school again this year with my babies. Amelia is so excited to be a big girl and go to school. That will start soon, and I'm excited for two mornings a week with only two kiddos. It's like Christmas!

With the start of school also comes the start of soccer. This season we are involved with three different leagues if you count hubby dearest. We have a homeschool league, City rec for the bigs, and an adult rec league for the hubby. This means a lot of running five days a week. Through soccer season my menu plan is going to be very simple:

Monday- Meat and potatoes
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday (or other Mexican)
Wednesday- House Church
Thursday- Soup and salad
Friday- Brinner or pizza
Saturday- Crock pot
Sunday- Pasta

There is flexibility, but having the backbone makes for easy planning and shopping. I like keeping it simple.

So, there it is a quick peek at our beginning of the year. I'm hopeful that this will be our best year so far. We are getting in the grove of school slowly but surely. I'm so thankful I get the opportunity to stay home and teach my crew. What an awesome blessing to be with them and get to teach them.

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