Thursday, August 30, 2012

where you be?

So, I have been on a long no blogging track lately. I have been blogging a little more on our adoption blog, but this blog has been neglected this summer. But we are getting back into the routine of school. Hopefully I will be making more time to get over here and say 'what up'.

So, here is another quick refresher of what we have been up to in the month and change since I last posted.
We've been to a wedding for some friends
Hiked at Cox Arboretum a few times

I had my 10 year high school reunion (yep I am old).
I learned how to use instagram. 
While in my hometown we stopped for the best hot chocolate in the WORLD. Kid you not. You want some of this stuff!

And of course some random goofy fun. 

It has been a very fun busy summer coming into an even busier fall. We are praying this fall brings us a new addition and our daughter will be home from Ethiopia. We have also officially started school. I love that! Plus, we have the most amazing special vacation planned for our fam soon. I will share more on that soon. Hope you all had a great end of summer. Here's to an awesome fall.

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