Thursday, October 1, 2009

This weeks groceries

This week I made two trips to Meijer. The first trip I purchased two family packs of chicken. This is enough chicken to last us at least 3-4 weeks. I took advantage of a few of the sales, but my coupons were not in good order so I only got a few things on the freebie list. Some of the deals for free this week are the Green Giant steamers, chex mix, and warm delights. Pizza rolls ended up .60 a box. There was a catalina deal on the yeast that you got .50 off your next order. So after coupons they were .95/3 and I got $1.50 in coupons. My first order ended up being right around $35

My second trip was pure coupons with the exception of the pudding. I was a little frustrated because several of my coupons that should have doubled didn't, but I had all three kids and my cashier wasn't willing to just double them. So all in all I spent $7.70 and saved just under $57.
I got 13 bags of chex mix which should have been free, but I think I ended up spending about .50/bag for about 5 because the coupons didn't double (grr there should have been free).
6 free bags of frozen steamer veggies
8 free warm delights
4 boxes of fruit snacks at .40/box
3 cans black beans and 1 guacamole seasoning for free

Altogether I bought 50 items and came out with $4 in catalinas and a $5 $50 or more.

So I stayed under our $50/week budget and still got quite a bit, but I wish all my coupons would have doubled to make it even sweeter. Oh well.



Celia Emmons said...

I had that problem at Meijer a couple weeks ago, so I went to customer service. They told me they only double 2 alike coupons per transaction! I never knew... I guess we have to do multiple transactions.

iheartdeals said...

I've never had that happen before. I was bummed. Oh well, now I know. :)

Celia Emmons said...

I know! I wonder if it is new? I felt like I would have noticed before now.